Hobb’s Top and Other Horrors

“This is a brief, though highly entertaining, collection of stories from a newcomer, which I always welcome. I don’t think you have to be at all steeped in the Cthulhu Mythos—or even like it much—to enjoy these stories. You can read them as being in an explicitly non-Cthulhoid universe and they would work just fine. You only have to accept that at least some of the folk tales about things that go bump in the night are true. Certainly worth checking out, and the price (free) can’t be beat.”

Andrew Byers, The Horror Review (full review HERE)

The Gathering of Shadows

“With The Gathering of Shadows, Mark N. Drake has crafted the start of what I hope will be a series that will continue to explore Lovecraftian horror in the 1920s. He’s assembled all the elements needed: a great set of characters, including his lead, Jack Glennison; the terrifically ominous setting of Darkisle (I’m certain we haven’t plumbed the depths of that benighted island); and a set of global or even cosmic conspiracies and secret societies that he has only begun to explore. I’m looking forward to Jack Glennison’s next case! Definitely recommended.”

Andrew Byers, The Horror Review (full review HERE)

The Gathering of Shadows in an intelligently written, well-crafted and thoroughly enjoyable, traditional style horror/mystery. Highly recommended.”

Rose Auburn, (full review HERE)

“There were plot twists that I didn’t see coming, and most importantly it kept me entertained from beginning to end. What more do you want from a book!”

The Fantasy Book Nerd, Gingernuts of Horror (full review HERE)

“Reminiscent of pulp detective stories with a horrifying twist, I couldn’t put this book down.”

– Lily, The Faerie Review (full review HERE)

“The ‘good’ characters were really likeable, especially Jack and his soon to be ‘partner’. Their relationship was very natural. Drake also did a marvelous job with his villain, and truly kept me in the dark … until the end.”

– Julia, Curiosity Bought The Book (full review HERE)

“You first think the plot is fairly predictable but pretty soon you realise that’s not the case… the book was great. I liked it!”

– Madde, Nerd Reading Books (full review HERE)

“…this book will appeal to anyone who might enjoy a period horror adventure. Or, indeed, who harbours a desire, on receiving a desperate telegram from a long lost relative, to don a Trilby, shove a Webley into the inside pocket of a favourite overcoat, and book a passage on a rusty tramp steamer to unfamiliar shores.”

S. Matthews

“The suspense increases from a detective’s first laconic activities on a new case, to subtle signs of strangeness and finally to full horror. Hopefully Mr Drake will continue his work.”

N. Bergfeld

“Along with the twists and surprises throughout the plot is the surprise that this is the author’s debut novel… I recommend you read this book. I’m sure when you do, you’ll be contacting the author to ask when he’s releasing the next.”

– T. Finley, content writer/ghostwriter

“The colourful descriptions conjure up an atmosphere which is a mixture of film noir, Indiana Jones and Victorian horror… A recommended read for long winter or quarantine evenings!”

C. de Rossi

The Grey Berserker

“Wonderful atmosphere and action, fast paced, breezily written, and solid characterization. A thoroughly enjoyable story.”

Andrew Byers, Tales from the Bookworm’s Lair (full review HERE)

Those Under The Hill

“Drake writes with knowing confidence on the near mythical landscape of the Island and this authorly reassurance makes it immediately familiar and absorbing to the reader… Those Under The Hill is a real treat for fans of the genre; accomplished, engrossing and excellently written. Highly recommended.”

Rose Auburn, (full review HERE)

“Definitely recommended for those interested in another look at the Cthulhu Mythos in the classic 1920s era, featuring a protagonist more interested in seeking out the Mythos and solving his case than spending too much time in Miskatonic’s Rare Books Room and fainting at the first sight of some eldritch horror.”

Andrew Byers, Hellnotes (full review HERE)

“I really enjoyed Jack’s investigations into the language, myths, and changing of place names over time… Once we get an idea of what is really happening… it becomes a race to try to find the boy and avoid the cult. As with many cosmic horror novels, it isn’t what we think it is….”

MK French, Girl Who Reads (full review HERE)

“A brilliant follow up to book one and I hope to see a book three in the future!”

Lily, The Faerie Review (full review HERE)

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