Another chapter, another smidgen

As such, it was a relief when the steamer made the sanctuary of Darkilby. The harbour was quiet, with no tramp steamers or colliers present. Even the large freighter called the ‘Sleih-Marru’ – something of a fixture during my previous visits – was absent. All there was to be seen was the town’s small fishing fleet and a few sailboats of varying seaworthiness. As we disembarked along with a handful of other passengers a sudden sleet shower greeted us like a slap in the face.

As with any part-time author, writing progress is at the whim of other things in my life, and the last couple of weeks have not been easy ones. But I’ve managed to complete Chapter Two! Above is an excerpt from it: Book 3’s ‘back to Darkisle’ moment.

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Writer of Lovecraftian horror fiction and designer of games

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