Forever Autumn

It was daytime. It was always daytime. Sometimes it was morning, with colours washed out to grey by mist. Sometimes it was afternoon, with the stark yellow sun in a crisp blue sky. Sometimes it was dusk, with the first hints of purple stretching out above and the moon starting to glow silver.

This time of year lends itself to horror stories and a lot of people seem to make a big deal about Halloween these days (hint: I’m not one of them). I’ve seen more than a few Tweets to the effect of people wishing it could always be Halloween. Which sparked an idea for a story. Be careful what you wish for….

Anyway, the excerpt above is the opening of the resulting short story, which I’ll be making available FREE to my newsletter subscribers in the next couple of days. If you want to get free stuff like this, just fill in the contact form on this site’s home page and say hi!

And yes, I nicked the title from the War of the Worlds track by Justin Hayward. But the story itself has nothing to do with it, should any copyright lawyers be reading.

Published by Mark

Writer of Lovecraftian horror fiction and designer of games

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