The Long and the Short of it

Well, What Festers Within was published about two months ago. I’m very pleased with the response! The book seems to have activated increased interest in the whole series, which is very nice to see. I won’t be running away to the Caribbean on the proceeds just yet, but things ARE on the up!

Thoughts now turn to my next project. I have ideas for the fourth book in the series… but to be honest, I think I’ll take a break from long form fiction for a few months. Now I’ve proved to myself that I can write an 80,000 word novel (and longer!), I think it’s time I returned to short stories for a while. What with my existing Darkisle short stories, some unpublished work and few planned new stories, I reckon I could have an anthology pulled together in the next few months.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing in coming weeks; writing at least three new short stories and leaving my subconscious to churn over Book 4. Talking of short stories, I’m delighted that an audiobook narrator has recorded a reading of Hobb’s Top on her YouTube channel. Do please check it out! She has done a great job, I think. You can hear it by clicking HERE.

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